We can also help you with specific skin problems.

Evaluation and treatment are available for the following conditions:
     -Uneven skin tone/texture
     -Hyperpigmentation (dark spots)
     -Ruddy complexion
     -Dry patches
     -Signs of aging
     -Sun damage
     -Loss of tone and glow

Your skin deserves special care.  Why not invest in yourself and see how Integrative Skincare can make a difference in how you look and feel. 
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Main Services


Ultrasonic Facial Treatment                                        $95

Ultrasound, a cutting-edge technology, utilizes low frequency sound waves in a 3-stage system for safe mechanical exfoliation, molecular penetration and healing micro-amp therapy to combat aging skin, reduce wrinkles, clear acne, manage rosacea, and control hyper pigmentation. During this advanced skincare treatment, a skin analysis will be performed to determine the type of ultrasound frequencies and nutrients that are needed to restore the health of the skin. This is a safe, relaxing
treatment that combines nourishing, cosmeceutical skincare products with the ultrasonic system for increased efficacy. For optimum results, a series tailored to your skin's condition is recommended. Additional services are available to enhance this facial; please ask for more information when you schedule your appointment. Extraordinary results are waiting for you right now! The ultrasound facial—your face will love it...your friends will notice!

Partial Ultrasonic                                                         

Express Ultrasonic                                                      

Triple Current Firming Infusion                              $25

This firming treatment utilizes effective pulses of painless low level current to dramatically increase delivery of pharmaceutical grade ingredients deeper into the skin making it a "super facial" to stimulate collagen and rejuvenate the skin.






Integrative Skincare

Integrative Skincare is excited to offer LED Therapy as a stand-alone treatment or add-on service. This revolutionary new treatment is beneficial for a wide array of conditions including rosacea, acne, pigmentation, fine lines & wrinkles, and loss of firmness. LED stimulates cell turnover and collagen production, calms and regulates oil production, and helps to reduce redness, swelling, and inflammation. This relaxing treatment is about 30 minutes long when booked as a stand-alone treatment and is offered in the Serenity Lounge. FDA approved for increased circulation and reduction of pain.

Single LED Therapy Session                                                           

 Pack of 10 LED Sessions                                                                 

 LED Add-On to Facial                                                   


Eau Claire, WI



Starting at $35

90 minutes, $100

75 minutes, $85

​50 minutes, $64

45 minutes, $60


Experience a facial that is customized just for you!Jennifer will evaluate your skin and design a treatment unique to you and your needs. Using advanced and proven products, equipment, and techniques you will experience a relaxing treatment that also focuses on the bringing the results you desire such as decreased wrinkles, increased firmness, a more even skin tone, clearer skin and much more. She will understand and holistically treat your skin in a way that sets Integrative Skincare facials apart from the rest.






Relaxation and Healing

Qissage                                                                          $35
Relieves stress and tension. Intended to balance and enhance flow of energy through powerful acupressure points. Healing and relaxing.

Acupressure                                             Ranging $25-75
Acupuncture is probably the best known most common Chinese natural treatment to help various conditions, but acupressure uses only the fingers rather than needles to help with correcting body imbalances. It is a powerful tool for rejuvenation of both the face and body and is deeply relaxing as well. 

Reflex/Acu Extremity                                                    Paraffin Wax Treatment                                              

Foot Treatment                                                                

Masque add-on                                                                           

Decollate and Neck Treatment                                  


Gua Sha 
A traditional Chinese treatment that uses a small jade board 

to gently massage  energy points along the face and body.                                                                           


Peels: Starting at $84 single or series for $560 for 8
Perfect for photo-damaged, aging, problematic, or sensitive skin, light chemical peels intensively exfoliate to accelerate cell renewal and stimulate collagen and elastin synthesis, resulting in a more youthful, radiant complexion. They gradually improve the appearance and texture of your skin without the irritation or disruption of lifestyle often accompanying chemical peels. For optimal results, peels are applied in a series of six sessions combined with a pre and post-treatment home regimen.

Facial Peel Various                                               

Facial Peel with Ultrasonic                              

Partial Peel                                                              

Peel non-face                                                          
Tinting and Tweezing
Lash                                                                         $25

Brow                                                                        $15

Tweeze                                                                    $10

Tint + Tweeze                                                       $35

Brow shape and design cost varies to needs
Enhances your eyes without makeup.

Makeup/Skincare Consultation                            $25-$75
Confused about trends, application, and product selection? Would you like to try a new look? Would you like get your child on the right track regarding skincare? Schedule a consultation and learn how to bring out your best assets, minimize your not-so favorite characteristics, and maximize the impact you make—you'll love how confident you feel!
Jen's services are matched with your style and desires. She will come up with solutions for any "problem" areas, give you fresh new ideas for simple daily special occasion make up including bridal. With her help you can learn the best of the new trends to highlight your features with healthy makeup by GloBeauty for each session.