Jennifer Peterson, BSN, RN, Licensed Aesthetician, graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire school of nursing in 1985 and  the aesthetics program at the St. Paul, Minnesota in 2004.  Jennifer has  been  educating about health topics for over 30 years and regularly  teaches and attends classes and seminars.  Topics have included skin care and  treatment, make-up application, aromatherapy, and other wellness issues.

About Us

Integrative Skincare

Integrative Skincare adopts a holistic approach helping you achieve results. Our treatments and products address maintenance, damage repair, and prevention, and we tailor them to your particular skincare needs. As licensed medical professionals, we can also provide education on the life style choices and environmental factors that can affect the health of your skin now and in the future. With this knowledge you can take steps that will make a difference in your skin condition and overall health.